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Dragged out.

Today, I got dragged out by my friends to go catch a movie. Somehow, I always find myself getting dragged out of my bed unnecessarily, which annoyed me sometimes considering how I hadn't had proper sleep for the past few days (I just happened to forgot to sleep xDD), but as always, each outing turned out to be pleasant - and I'd collapse on my bed as soon as I reached my room. xDD Anyway, Vicky had chosen to watch "The International", which turned out to be a bummer. I wanted to watch "Surveillance", a movie on FBIs and serial killers, but they complained saying that the movie's too short and not worth the money. It turned out that the movie was sold out (Hah! See who got the real good taste?!) and the movie "The International" turned out to not just be a waste of money, but also a waste of time. XD;; The movie and acting would probably need a bit of an improvement - there were some scenes that I thought was just plain unrealistic, and the action wasn't even thrilling, just noisy. No, seriously. I could shoot people much more accurate than the casts in the show. =.=

After that, I had to follow my friends shop for a while and then, we had dinner at Jamie's. Not bad, I'd say. I just happened to pick out one of the most recommended dishes. I'm not sure I'd like to imagine the tastes of the other dishes not listed in the recommended list, though. Well, to start off, it was an Italian restaurant, and after tasting the food, I'm beginning to doubt if Italian's ever one of Jamie Oliver's best attributes. I'm sure he has better skills at other specialized dishes, just probably not Italian. But maybe it could've just been the chefs. Or maybe I'm just not fond of Italian food. Idk. x3

But one thing for sure, after this one hell of an expensive outing because I spent £59 on Chanel N5 perfume xDD, I think I'd probably have to go on a tight budget for the remaining 20 days. Man, I'm broke. DDD:

Oh, and coz I'm lazy to make another post, some rants on last week's MS: It was really really nice except for the ending I don't really like AKB48's song xDD I mean, Arashi and Tohoshinki! Ftw, people! xDD And BoA's and GLAY's performances were nice too. I totally adore BoA's "Eien". x3
Can't wait for next week though! KAT-TUN 8DDD
And there's Aoyama Thelma & Aqua Timez too. x3
I downloaded the whole episode and uploaded them on MF, if anyone's interested. Coz, come on, you know you'd want to watch the whole episode! It's made of win! >D I must warn you though, it's a very very big file since it's HD (1280x720) and it's 1.5GB. :O

Oh my, Nino and Yunho. The heights differ too much! xD
And excuse the lame screencap. I used Movie Maker. xDD


::. Music Station Full Show 09.03.06
::. 1280x720
::. 1.5GB
MF: [ 001 | 002 | 003 | 004 | 005 | 006 | 007 | 008 | 009 | 010 | 011 | 012 | 013 | 014 | 015 | 016 ]
MU: Here. Kindly uploaded by[info]cariad_82. :D

Because of requests, I decided to cut out Arashi's part only.

::. Music Station - Arashi - Talk & Believe Perf.
::. 1280x720
::. 192MB
MF: [ 001 | 002 ]

Please credit if using it for anything and don't claim it as yours. Thank you. x3

Credits: gachapin clubbox

Please do not repost! It took me a whole day to download this, and uploading it back took longer than downloading them.
And comments are definite love. :D
And for the sake of gachapin clubbox too since Arashi files get stolen a lot. >.>
Anyone would kindly mirror them in MU? Coz I seemed to forgot my username and I probably forgot the e-mail address that I've given them for the account too. xDD Solved. :P
Any problems, feel free to poke me. :3
'Til then, enjoy 'em, folks.

Tags: arashi, dinner, movie, music station, oxford, tohoshinki, , 東方神起
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